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Virtual Catalog

With the recent update of our website, we have also completely revamped how you are able to shop online with us. Now, you are able to see products that are currently in stock and have the option to purchase online. Please use the link below to visit our previous portal, which was available by just one of the designers that we work with. On there you will see many different options for pieces of jewelry and ways to customize them. We know that at times it can be very detailed on there and can get confusing. If you find pieces that you're interested in, simply add them to your 'cart', with or without customization, and click submit. This will send them to us and we can contact you to assist you further. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance. 

This portal is often used as an 'idea center' to allow you to see numerous options and for us to learn more about your jewelry taste for customer orders and remounts/redesigns.

Click here to visit our virtual customization studio.

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