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Sirius Star Diamonds


Sirius Star, named after the brightest star in our night sky, is currently the most brilliantly cut diamond in the entire world. Mike Botha, of Embee Diamond Technologies, designed this one-of-a-kind diamond in 2006, drawing on a lifetime of experience and extensive research into what is currently available locally and abroad. Due to its unique faceting arrangement, Sirius Star Diamond features greater scintillation and increased light return, improved brilliance and higher visual appeal than any other round brilliant. 


Getting a little technical - Facet definition is what makes Sirius Star Diamond a superior cut. With 80, 88, or 100 facets, Sirius Star features an octagonal main facet configuration and 4-tier pavilion faceting. All the facets are indexed and inclined to present the maximum actual and virtual facet definition. This special cut of diamond has a light return of 97-100% (ideal cut diamonds are upwards of just 93%). Sirius Star Diamonds are currently all mined and cut in Canada.


In 2010, we proudly became the first retailer in the United States to carry these special pieces. You won't find these at the department or chain stores because only a limited number of independent jewelers have them.

Sirius Stars are cut for the "Yes, I do!”, for the “WOW!”, for the “OMG!”, for “that’s incredible!”, for “I love you!”.


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