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Jewelry Services

We offer a wide variety of professional services for your fine jewelry; all of which are completed in-house. To receive an exact price, please stop by our store at your convenience to have your piece evaluated. Most repairs also include refinishing and rhodium, if applicable. Here is a list of just some of the services we offer:​​


Sizing, bead installation, broken shanks & reshanking, welding rings together, broken galleries, refinishing & rhodium-plating, etc. (Starting at $50)


Batteries, pins, springbars, gaskets, and band adjustment/replacement. (Starting at $3)


Broken chains, shortening, clasp & end tab replacement, removing kinks, extenders, etc.

(Starting at $5)


Formal insurance appraisals.

(New appraisals - $150 an hour, or a minimum charge of $85. If we've already done an appraisal on the piece for you in the past, updates start at $50, dependent upon the number of pieces.)


Replacement and resetting.

(Starting at $25)


Prices vary. Please stop in with the jewelry that you'd like to use in your new piece, along with ideas/designs that you like, if you have any.


Head replacement, retipping, and repronging. 

(Starting at $40)


Restringing, bracelet adjustment, engraving, nuggets, and soldering charms.

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